Power, Solar Energy As An Alternative To Power Supply

We provide our members the opportunity to own and sale Solar Energy system as an alternative for electricity in there various communities.

Free Health Services

Without health, wealth is meaningless. You need a healthy body to support your entrepreneurial drive. Many sacrifice their health in pursuit of wealth and at the end squander the acquired wealth in pursuit of health. We want you to be healthy and wealthy and you can. Through the SamZuga Medical connect, we provide topnotch healthcare delivery services to all our members. The health care service include:
  • Eye care, dental care
  • - Wellness-check-ups
  • - Primary outpatient care
  • - Impatient care
  • - Surgeries( minor)
  • - Radiological services
  • - Accident and emergencies
  • - Maternity services
  • - Child care & pediatric services
  • - HIV/AIDS management
  • %


    Our life insurance is beneficial to our members. We provide a life insurance for you and your family in case of death.


    As a means of eradicating lack and hunger in our society, we provide agricultural training and support scheme. We train our members on professional mechanical modern farming, using the best farming equipments to breed livestock. We also administer a comprehensive training on poultry farming, fish farming, snail farming, mushroom farming etc.

    Skill Acquisition

    We will conduct Free vocational training in areas like Fashion Designing, Bead Making, Agriculture, Catering, Events& Decorations, Interior Decorations, Solar Energy Installation, Inverter installation and Computer Training etc. The purpose of this training is to ensure that participants/members are equipped with various skills that will help them engage in profitable projects and get sustainable jobs in the various socieity. This skill will also help the members to promote Wealth Anchor International in their various societies.


    We will award scholarship through our members to indigent students in the society. Special attention will be given to children of school-age, who, though are living with their parents, for one reason or the other, are not enrolled in school. We aim at refining our society for a better tomorrow by promoting the educational sector to ensure that every kids/youth are educated.


    We provide a unique tranport system to our members, giving them access to own and run a cab transportation business on our platform and earn commissions.

    Business Support Fund

    On our great platform, members are entitled to get collateral free business support fund , with a flexible repayment plan. This will help eradicate unemployment in our society.

    Real Estate

    We offer professional real estate training to our members, by equipping them with the necessary skill to become experts in the real estate industry. We also award qualified members landed property.

    Multiple Sources Of Income

    Multiple sources of income : With our unique and unbeatable marketing plan, We give you acccess to your in multiple ways such as, Referral bonus, Matrix bonuse, Spill Over and Spill Under bonus, Star bonus, level income bonus, International trip, Leadership Bonus, Housing fund, Car fund, Agricultural fund, Land Acquisition fund e.t.c