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SAMZUGA INTERNATIONAL (...giving life a positive meaning
Sam zuga International is a non-government organization that is established to touch lives of the less privileged in our society. We build the financial capacity of our members through our wonderful services, we give them access to great opportunities and help them promote their standard of living.
We believe that no one was born poor, that poverty and non-achievement are creations of the mind of men and women who have lost hope.We are in business to recreate and remove that mind set of poverty and inspire them to discover their potentials. Join us on this very powerful and possible mission that will bring about financial liberty and happiness as we partner with people all over the world to improve the standard of living.

Our Mission

- To eradicate hunger and lack in our society.
- To Empower people through our professional free skill acquisition training

Our Vision

- To become the empowerment basket of the nation.
- Extend Solar Energy Power supply to various communities.
Skill Acquisition
Our Core Value